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This is the room divider within collection 0118. In the Zeeland folk costumes of Walcheren, smocking was often applied along the neck. The ladies who wore this traditional costume wore a (often) self-smoothed ‘beuk'. (The 'beuk' is the part of the Walcheren costume that covers the bosom.) This piece of handicraft is also visible in the room divider. My biggest wallhanging Wave Nr.1 can hang from the frame and function as a room divider. The first product where the front-side is up for discusion, you can choose the wave side I usually show or the side with the beautiful stitching. In this first piece the stitching is highlighted by beautiful shimmering royal blue thread.

0118 Room Divider

  • Height: 200cm

    Width: 65cm

    Material: felt and metal

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