The technique of manipulating textiles is an old technique that is almost extinct. And that is a shame, it is a beautiful technique that results in beautiful three-dimensional patterns. The technique was mostly used on clothing and sometimes on pillows, the patterns were small and the textiles that were used are old fashioned. I use this technique in modern interior pieces with big patterns. My collection of handmade, modern wallhangings.



Movement in photography is seen as a bad thing. The eyes can never capture a movement in one image, a camera can. The collection Movement shows the beauty of the movement that people make. The movement of two people and the connection they make.



As artists we always want to control exactly what we make and how that looks. With these photo's I want to show how beautiful it can be if you let go of control once. Putting fabric in water and let the water take over control led to these beautiful images. From that thought the experiment set further to be a image research to the beauty of different textiles in water. The collection Control shows the beautiful movement and reaction of different textiles under water.



Naomi Remijn is a studio based in the Netherlands. The pieces that are made float between design and art.

In the studio work is made out of fascination with application in interior. Also the love for textiles is reflected in the collections and products. The products can be bought in my own webshop. 

My work was shown on the Architect Biennale (Venice, 2016), the Ace Color Exhibition (Rotterdam, 2017), Launch 2019 (Breda, 2019), Galerie T (Middelburg, 2020) and Cultuurnacht (Breda 2020). My work was publicated in articles of Material District, Mobilia and De Bode and won the Art Awards 2020 audience prize in the categorie of photography.

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